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My name is Jenny Cartledge.Cert.SAPT, and I own Round of aPaws Dog Training which was established in 2020. I have 2 dogs, Floyd who is now 8 years old and Mollie, who is about 15. When Floyd was much younger, he was a troubled soul so I enlisted the help of a brilliant Certified Behaviourist - Victoria Cooper.

Her compassion and knowledge inspired me to study canine psychology, she took me under her wing, became my mentor, and I passed my Canine Behaviour Management with distinction. Since then, I have studied many different courses relating to canine behaviour and training, attended numerous seminars and most recently graduated Julie Naismith's programme to become a Separation Anxiety Professional.

I have studied with Compass Education, Canine Principles, IMTD, The Dog Training College, Amber Batson and many more. I hold a current canine first aid certificate and am currently studying The Behaviour Bible with The School of Canine Science.  I am passionate about helping humans and dogs to live peaceful, happy lives in loving and caring homes. I work very closely with People and Dogs Dog Training and you will find various links to their website on my page.


I use positive, reward based training methods which are kind, fun and force free. The welfare of your dog and the relationship you have with them is my highest priority.



We recently had a number of sessions with Jenny for our labradoodle Woody, who had issues with being nervous and reactive around other dogs. Jenny displayed great knowledge of dog behaviour and explained her methods clearly, providing lots of material after sessions, so that we were able to do lots of practice between each session. Jenny is very friendly, patient and calm and we quickly felt at ease and engaged with the training. Woody is now much better and we can’t believe the difference - thanks Jenny!.


We are the proud owners of our rescue dog Winnie . She arrived with a few issues the main one her being aggressive towards other dogs and people. Taking her out was a real nightmare we had no control over her, she would try to attack any dog that came in sight. Jenny was our savior she came highly recommended and even then I was skeptical that anyone could help Winnie. With loads of patience and knowledge she taught us how to help Winnie are well on the way to getting her to enjoy walks and listen and react to commands. I highly recommend People and Dogs if your pooch needs help


Highly recommend people and dogs! Have just completed the puppy life skills class and couldn’t resist signing up to the intermediates. Jenny was amazing, approachable and so very patient! We loved making friends and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for dog training. Thank you


We're about 10 days on from our 3 sessions with Jenny at People and Dogs and can't recommend them enough. One of our dogs was a big puller and it was really ruining walks for both him and us. The sessions we had have completely changed our experience walking him and we no longer rush to places where he can be off the lead. It's not perfect yet of course and we know this is a long process but even a week on the improvement is massive! Jenny was great and the sessions were a lot of fun so we want to say a big thank you from us and Humphrey (a dog who now walks happily round the streets without trying to pull our arm off)


We have just finished 5x1:1 training sessions with Jenny from People and Dogs and it was the best investment we could have made for our family.

We thought we had prepared ourselves for our puppy's arrival but we were completely overwhelmed by our fab but extremely feisty/ bitey terrier puppy. Jenny has been awesome from the very first contact we had with her. She clearly understands dog behaviour brilliantly and she tailored her advice to suit our specific needs and those of our puppy. She was friendly as well as professional and her invaluable advice and patient support has made the world of difference.

We wouldn't hesitate to use Jenny again if we felt we needed extra guidance and support in the future.


We had five individual sessions with Jenny to improve our dog’s recall, lead walking and overall focus on us and I can’t praise Jenny highly enough. After five sessions our dog (a male Rottweiler going through adolescence) is so well behaved and responsive to our commands and is a joy to take out on a walk! I would recommend People and Dogs to everyone!

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